SpectrumCS provides a range of flexible and reliable I.T. support solutions that allow you to concentrate on running your business.

We specialize in :-

Accounting Solutions

  • Talisman

Backup & Disaster Recovery

  • Hardware configuration to avoid total system loss.
  • Customised Data backup
  • Software Image for each machine supplied.

Broadband ISP and Web Services Management

  • Domain name registration and DNS configuration.
  • Website Hosting
  • Email and mailbox configuration and management.


  • Communication system installation and maintainance, including but not limited to Tobit, Exchange.
  • Email services, providing Anti SPAM & Anti VIRUS services and allowing collection via POP3, ATRN (aka ODMR) or ETRN protocols.


  • Supply, fit and maintain latest CCTV solutions with live streaming access via PC or mobile phone.

Cyber Security

  • Internet Protection
  • Email Protection
  • Desktop Protection

Hardware and Software Business Solutions

  • Product suitabilty reports.
  • Server installation and maintancace.
  • Workstation installation and repair.
  • Software installation and upgrades.
  • Regular Audits and Server maintainance.
  • Domain name management.
  • Website creation, updating, hosting.


  • Network infrastructure installation, maintainance, upgrading, testing and documentation, (including Wireless & Fibre Optics as well as standard CAT5e).
  • Virtual Private Networks, both Site to Site and road warrior scenarios.

Remote Access Solutions

  • Network aware CCTV configuration.

Holiday cover for your IT support personel.