How long could your business operate without access to IT systems?

Do your staff access the internet for personal use in works time?

What would you do if your computers were stolen or damaged?

Could a virus affect the whole of your IT system?

Spectrum Computer Solutions are specialists in computer support, aware of the challenges facing small to medium sized enterprises.

We have the experience to provide cost effective solutions and support for networks, accounting package applications, anti-virus protection and disaster recovery.

We listen to your requirements.
Every company is different and we recognise that customers want systems that can adapt to businesses practices and budgets rather than having to change existing working practices fit the needs of an IT system.

SpectrumCS listen to your needs to understand the challenges you face and because we aren’t tied to a particular accounting package system or anti-virus supplier, we can suggest a variety of solutions that ensures a better service for your business.

Listening doesn’t stop after supplying hardware, software or a network order. Site visits enable us to learn about your business, so we know and understand what you are trying to achieve along with the exact software requirement you are using.

Do you get pop up messages telling you about software updates?
Having paid for your computer system, you may wonder why each machine receives regular pop up messages requesting you to update your system. The reality is that software is constantly being tested and upgraded for performance and security issues. As the software needs to be upgraded, patches are often sent to registered users and this is the source of those pop up messages.

Many people ignore these updates leaving potential holes in their internet security protection, leaving the IT system open to threats from known virus attacks. However, multiple machines downloading large patches can cause issues with system access and as the software patch hasn’t been tested on a platform that uses your companys mix of software and hardware capabilities, applied patches may make your system worse.

SpectrumCS can offer a Windows Server Update Service (WSUS) that regulates any software patch updates, where the software is downloaded once and changes are applied across your systems user groups after the patch has been system tested and approved.

For more information on WSUS click here.

Who is responsible for IT in your company?
Quite often, we find that Financial Directors get burdened with managing IT systems because they require the data it produces and not because they have the technical expertise.

Is it really cost effective for your Finance director to be concerned with network cabling or plugging in a mouse?

Using SpectrumCS staff to resolve issues allows your business to outsource your IT needs without the commitment of a full time IT department.

SpectrumCS operate with a retainer fee that guarantees support for your systems. Our approach to pricing works like an insurance policy where we’re always there for you (whether you need us or not) allowing us to offer competitive support fee structures without the high up front charges frequently applied by IT support companies.

If you would like our staff to contact you for further information or advice, please click here.